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A. A. Milne Books (Pooh)

($ 1.00) - List 3.25, A. A. Milne, Dell Yearling paperback, Black and white illustrations, Good shape

Anne of Green Gable/L. M. Montgomery books

($ 1.00) - Unabridged, white spine , by L. M. Montgomery, Bantam, Paperback, Good shape


($ 1.00) - 32 pages, by David Adler, Trumpet Books, Paperback, Color Illustrations, Very Good Shape

($ 1.00) - VERY oversized, 62 pages with a full-color picture opposite every page of writing, easier reading, x library, by Gabriella Cremaschi, Silver Burdett Publishing, c1982, Pictorial hardback, Color illustrations, Good- shape

($ 1.00) - Glossy boards, 32 pages, oversized, x li, By Naurice Roberts, Children's Press, C1983, Pictorial Hardback, B&W illustrations, Very good shape

($ 1.00) - x li, glossy pages, large pictures, Jan Gleiter/Kathleen Thompson, Rainbow Books, 1988, HB LB, color, Good +

Chronicles of Narnia

($ 1.00) - Movie cover, larger size, front corner crease, and back cover crease, by C S Lewis, Scholastic, Paperback, B&W Illustrations, Good- Shape

($ 0.50) - Earliest edition, a few loose pages at the beginning, By C. S. Lewis, Collier books, Paperback, B&W Illustrations, Fair shape

($ 1.00) - Older white edition, arched doorway, cover crease, by C. S. Lewis, Collier books, Paperback, B&W illustrations, Good- shape

Cornerstones of Freedom

($ 1.00) - Small tear on inside front bottom spine; otherewise clean and tight, by Norman Richards, Children's Press, c1968, Pictorial Hardback, Color illustrations, Good shape

($ 1.00) - Privately owned, super clean, By Natalie Miller, Children's Press, C1965, Pictorial Hardback, Color illustrations, Very good shape

Crowell Biography

($ 1.00) - x library, 40 pages, tight binding, clean pages, by Kenneth Rudeen, Crowell Publishing, c1971, HB/DJ, Color illustrations, Good Shape

($ 1.00) - x li, wear, 41 pages, Gail Keller, Crowell Biography, 1971, HB DJ, b&w illus, Good-

($ 1.00) - x li, about 48 pages, easier reading, by Tobi Tobias, Thomas Crowell Pub, c1972, HB with Dust jacket, Color illustrations, Good- shape


($ 1.00) - Excellent adventure based on the computer game..GREAT reading, By Rand and Robyn Miller, Hyperion Books, Paperback, Good shape

Feature Films For Families, VHS

($ 1.00) - In original box, two young men are lost in the barrens of the arctic, Feature Films for Families, VHS, In Color, Very Good Shape

Fiction Series, Children

($ 1.00) - Ages 10 to 14, By Frank Peretti, Crossway Books, Paperback, Very good shape

($ 1.00) - Ages 10 to 14, adventure story, By Frank E Peretti, Crossway Books, Paperback, Good Shape

($ 1.00) - From a small library Cover wear and stickers, by Arleta Richardson, Choice Books Edition, Paperback, Good- Shape

Indian in the Cupboard

($ 1.00) - Back corner crease, by Lynne Reid Banks, Avon Camelot, Paperback, B&W Illustrations, Good- Shape

Janette Oke

($ 1.00) - Seasons of the Heart series, By Janette Oke, Bethany House, Paperback, Good shape

Left Behind

($ 1.00), by Tim LaHaye, Tyndale Publishing, Paperback, Excellent shape

($ 1.00), by LaHaye and Jenkins, Tyndale Publishing, Paperback, Very Good Shape

($ 1.00), by LaHaye and Jenkins, Tyndale Publishing, Paperback, Very Good Shape

($ 1.00), by Tim LaHaye, Tyndale Publishing, Paperback, Excellent shape

People from Other Countries

($ 1.00) - South Africa's Silent Voice of Protest, glossy boards, 135 pages, By Jim Hargrove, Children's Press, C1989, Pictorial Hardback, B&W illustrations, Very good shape

($ 1.00) - Like new hardback copy, By Zlata Filipovic, Viking Press, C1994, HB/DJ, Color illustrations, Excellent shape

Popular Fiction

($ 1.00) - Written in French, by Ludwig Bemelmans, Paperback, Color Illustrations, Excellent Shape

Real Book About

($ 1.00) - 190 page story of Columbus, By Irvin Block, Franklin Watts, C1953, Hardback, B&W Illustrations, Good+ shape


($ 1.00) - Pictorial Boards, 32 pages, x li, By David Lambert, Franklin Watts, C1983, Library Binding, Color illustrations, Good shape

Series of Unfortunate Events

($ 1.00), By Lemony Snicket, Scholastic, Paperback, Very good shape

Story and Poem Collections

($ 1.00) - Orange boards with black magpie, 88 pages, Pictures by Decie Merwin, slight wear & soiling, By Nancy Byrd Turner, Harcourt, Brace & Company, C1927, Hardback, B&W Illustrations, Good- shape

Thornton Burgess Books

($ 1.00) - Wal Mart Edition, by Thornton Burgess, Aerie , Paperback, Very Good Shape

Universal History of the World

($ 1.00) - Some loose pages, complete, Golden Press, c1966, Pictorial Hardback, Color illustrations, Fair shape

Value Tales

($ 1.00) - Oversized, privately owned copy, by Spencer Johnson, Value Communications Publishing, c1975, Pictorial Hardback, Color illustrations, Good shape

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